5 Reasons to Buy a House Instead of Renting

There's a stigma against buying your own property. For years, people
  • shy away from the obligation of having to pay a monthly fee
  • refuses to get tied to a certain place and hold them back from getting new opportunities elsewhere
  • would rather save a couple of hundreds on rent rather than spend a couple of hundreds on mortgage 

The fact is that paying for something you will never own is one of the most impractical ways to spend money. You are practically working for someone else to make a living.

Below are the top reasons you should starts looking for a house rather than pay rent.

It is an investment you can liquidate anytime

Even if you decide to move somewhere else someday, you can always liquidate the house by either renting it out or selling it.

Some people do not like the headache of having to deal with renters and you don't have to. You can always hire a property manager or a property management company. Let them take care of business and all you have to do is wait for the check.

Your making your money work for you

Whatever you earn is converted into an asset for you, instead of someone else. Whenever you pay rent, it goes to someone else's pocket.

Essentially, you are working for them. You are earning money for them.

Buying a property means whatever you earn goes to your pocket and your future.

The value appreciates

There are very few properties that appreciates in value through time without you doing anything for it. With a land and a house, you can go about and live your life and the market does the appreciation for you.

The $400,000 house you will buy now will most likely be $500,000 in a couple of years.

It has the same risks as renting but none of the benefits 

When you don't have money to pay rent, you still need to get out of your apartment and find another place to live. 

It's the same risk as a mortgage. If you don't have money to pay for it, you will still need to leave the house. The only difference is that you can get government assistance or bank assistance to restructure loan to enable you to keep  the house until you recover. 

You can't do that with rent. 

RealJaja can help you make owning a house a reality 

While other apps simply shows you properties that you can buy, RealJaja is the only app that helps you own a property though its SERVICES section.  We will connect you to the right people that could  help you with everything, including financial education in order to make mortgage affordable for you. 

Download the app or call us for more information. 

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