Websites That Give You The Best Deals for Home-Related Services

Whether you are changing your carpet or hiring a interior designer, you don't have to pay full price anymore. There are websites or apps that connects you to service providers and offer rates that are way  more affordable than conventional routes.


Download our app and under the SERVICES section, you will the best and most affordable deals from Home Staging to House Cleaning.

RealJaja has exclusive partnerships to these companies and you won't find our discounts anywhere else. While standard promotion runs at 10%, ours can give away 50% discount on different services.

Unlike other apps, each one listed on our services section is listed through RealJaja. Companies cannot get listed directly which gives you a bit more security.


Thumbtack is a craigslist for services and also highly localized. It provides services from web development to window tinting to house construction.

It gives you a very good background on the service providers including reviews from past customers, links to their website and direct connection to the service providers.

You don't pay anything because it's the services providers that pay the site for getting listed.


There are a lot of scams on Craigslist but there is also a lot of legitimate offers in there. If you know how to weed out through the fake posts, you are most likely to get the best deals from Craigslist.

Google Search and Ads

If a company is paying to advertise their service, you know they are serious in their business. They are most likely going to give you the best service in order to recuperate their investment.

Also, you will be able to find reviews about the business and verified contact information.


Like Thumbtack, service providers are the ones that pay to get listed. You can also see their reviews and direct connection to their website.

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